How do I setup CoreVPN?

You can download CoreVPN app from ITunes & Google Play store.

How does it work?

It just work with 1 click. Only open the app and click the connection button.

Which technology do you use?

We use top-notch technology for your security and privacy both IOS and Android.

I've lost my password?

You can reset your password via in-app "Forgot Password" section. System will send you a password-reset email in 2-3 minutes.

How secure is CoreVPN?

IKEv2 is the perfect solution to protect your data in unsecured wifi hotspots with your Smartphone/Tablet/PC

Why do l need to use VPN?

To protect your significant personal data you should use VPN.

What VPN protocol should l use?

You should use IPsec VPN protocol which CoreVPN uses.

How is my privacy maintained?

CoreVPN won't store any sensitive data of yours. We have strict no-logs policy.